Dr Hakim – Wicca Love Spells That Work For Love Binding

Do you sometimes think that you made a mistake by marrying Mr Y or Ms X? Do you believe that you may not be in a long lasting relationship with such a person? Do you want to separate from that person sometime later in the course of marriage? Cast my Wicca love spells for convenience. When Christians marry, the vow is always to live until death separates the two of you. This is quite different from the Wiccan creed. In Wicca, you can marry a person for as long as love lasts. This means that you are free to walk away from such a person when the love fades.

Wicca Love Spells: Strengthen The Bond

If you are a person who would like to marry a person for convenience or for pastime, this is the love spell you need. This spell is customized to make sure that the love the two of you have for each other will last for some definite time. When casting the spell, you can state the time limit within which you would like to have the relationship. It can be one year, two years or just days or even months only. As soon as the stipulated time expires, the love between the two of you will vanish and you will part ways. You will view each other as strangers.


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