DR HAKIM – Hearth Witchcraft Spells & kitchen witchcraft Spells

Absolutely —  seem right up your alley. I practice a lot of kitchen witchcraft, and the basic principle behind it is that the ordinary things that we do (tidying the home, cooking, caring for our families) are often the most sacred. There are a lot of ways to do this — some of the simplest ways are to simply meditate while doing household tasks like sweeping, or stirring your food sunwise to promote positive energy. You could also consider doing house blessings, keeping a kitchen altar, making herbal remedies, cooking special healing recipes, honoring household deities such as Vesta or local land spirits, etc. (in truth, that’s probably where a lot of witchcraft originated from, and how many people practiced witchcraft on the sly for centuries) Call Dr Hakim for more info +27785364465


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