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I have always said and will say that always avoid Death Spells, as killing any one or harming a person is evil and should be avoided. But if you feel that you are troubled too much and disturbed, as someone has ruined or interfering in your life then you can use this spell to harm him or her and also punish him so that he will never be able to harm you or trouble you.

Now take a picture of the person who has disturbed you and troubled you. After that you will need Owls Blood and dip the picture in the blood. Once this is done go to a graveyard and there take a black candle and place it on the picture and light the candle and chant these words DushmanZereNasht Ho, chant these words 200 times and come back. You may repeat these words every day and as you will cast the spell you will see that your enemy is getting destroyed and will be punished for troubling and harming you.

Now very important thing is that while casting the spell, don’t be nervous or scared, as by doing this you will make an atmosphere of negative effects and negative energies around you and so you may not get the results. It is important that you are very confident and positive about yourself so that the spell will work for you and will do wonders.

Also if you feel that you cannot cast this spell, or you feel that you are not confident enough then avoid casting the spell. You may email me and I will cast the spell on your behalf.